In the past, kimchi-making day was a festival and a the neighborhood gathering to share love.

Kimjang was registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, and Kimchi is one of the most popular healty food all over the world.

Starting with the first Seoul Kimchi Festival in 2014, Seoul has inherited our unique sharing spirit by making cultural festival and has developed it into a global sharing culture festival that represents Seoul.

2019 Seoul Kimchi Festival offers various programs to experience, taste, and enjoy the unique kimchi culture of Korea,

such as Making & Sharing Kimich, in which citizens, businesses and foreigners join hands to make kimchi for underprivileged people,

Master’s Kimjanggan where visitors see and learn the recipe of famous Kimchi masters in person, Family Kimjanggan ,

in which the participants make kimchi for their familes with fresh ingredients, Foreigner’s Kimjanggan,

where foreigners can learn to make kimchi, Kimchi Museum which displays everything about

kimchi, Seoul Native Kimchi Exhibition which reproduces the process of making Seoul kimchi,

Kimchi & Local Product Market that sells regional products from all over the country.

From November 1.(Fri.) to 3.(Sun.), 2019, Happy Sharing in Kimjang Day!

Kimjang is a festival which embodies the value of tradition and mixes the enjoyable cultural program with kimchi.

Come enjoy Seoul Kimchi Festival with the 10 million Seoulites together.


[11월 1일(금) 행사 취소 안내] 2019 김장문화제 개막식 및 김장나눔은 미세먼지로 인해 취소되었습니다.


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